About Us

We proudly represent ourselves as Geohub LLC - Established in 2017 –a professional company involved in trading and industry specialized in different industries including construction, bituminous products and chemical materials.
Geohub as a prominent building materials suppliers with an extensive network of customer needs and great experience in business stays focused on professional supplying and production items including building products for residential and commercial construction such as wall, ceiling, and flooring products that enable our customers to build the outstanding spaces where people live, work and play.
Building materials include not only products that you will need for renovation and maintenance work but also products that you will require to construct a new building .

In the future, the company will be committed to continuously consolidate its leading position in the industry, and enhancing international market competition to create greater value, open a new situation for high-quality development, and make positive contributions to build a world-class material industry.

Our mission is to create great places and improve daily lives.

  • Making Benefit based on “Increasing Reputation and Turnover” instead of “decreasing costs and increasing sales prices” 
  • Always choose long term over short terms business strategies 
  • Today’s sources and clients could be tomorrow’s friends and teammates 
Our goal
Geohub is set up to utilize the Caucasus market share potentiality to provide the customers of all over the world the best possible quality of construction materials.
We are committed to adding value by producing cutting edge products which meet or exceed the needs of our customers since Our goal is to provide a professional experience, focusing on quality products and the technical consultancy services.
Our global coverage allows us to maintain close contact with our customers and industry groups. This gives us a heightened awareness and understanding of global issues within the industry and helps us to stay ahead of the game in anticipating future market needs. 
By collaborating with our customers and applying our skills and experience together, we are able to revolutionize conventional thinking, allowing us to produce innovative industrial additives that help our customers meet their profitability objectives.


As a business, Geohub manufactures and supplies materials and solutions for constructions of building, infrastructure and various of industrial applications, which are key ingredients in the wellbeing of each of us and the future of all. They can be found everywhere in our living places and our daily life: in buildings, infrastructure and in many industrial applications.